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XOMF is a global conglomerate that leverages collective synergy to drive outside-of-the-box thinking and formulate key objectives into a win-win game plan with a quality-driven approach that focuses on empowering key players to drive-up their core competencies and increase expectations with an all-around initiative to drive up the bottom-line.

Nah, just foolin'.

My name is Savvas Dimitriou, and I spend my time sitting around thinking of new ways to make myself bankrupt using the internet. XOMF is a one-man operation, a complementary service to my main folly, Tindeck, which is a place where musicians and podcasters can upload MP3 files and share them with friends and fans.

If you'd like to contact me about XOMF (or anything else for that matter), drop me a line at [email protected] or use this handy contact form.